Licensing Defence Barrister’s Stephen McCaffrey secures removal of onerous premises licence conditions for new bar in Eastbourne. 

Licensing Defence Barrister was instructed for the proprietors of Bolton’s Bar in Eastbourne.  The proprietors recently took over the venue but the it had a had a poor historic record (under different management) with breaches and public order.  

The new proprietors planned to make significant changes to the premises and sought variations of the premises licence. At the licensing committee heating (prior to Licensing Defence Barrister representing them) the council and police used the opportunity to enforce a wholesale review of their licence conditions and subsequently imposed 27 new onerous conditions making the situation much worse for the new proprietors. 

Head of Licensing Defence Barristers, Stephen McCaffrey, was instructed to represent the proprietors in relation to the appeal to follow. 

However, through Stephen’s expert representation and advice, an appeal was not necessary.  Stephen managed to negotiate the complete removal of the problematic conditions, mitigation of others and complete removal of some of the previous conditions too. 

The agreement was so favourable to our clients we withdrew the appeal and the licence stands as amended. It is now currently being refurbished ready for a grand opening. 

“I cannot believe you have managed this. You saved our lives and business. We are able to sleep again. Thank you so much.”

Stephen McCaffrey

Regulatory defence barrister specialising in alcohol and entertainment licensing law, appeals and defence.

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