The 2019 Rugby World Cup is just around the corner.  What do you need to do to make sure you have your licensing arrangements in order?

Temporary Extensions

Temporary extensions can be sought by way of Temporary Events Notices – also known as TENs. TENs are a way of seeking extensions to a premises licence, as the term suggests, on a temporary basis.

Contrary to popular belief, TENs are not licences, they are notices. In effect you are giving notice to a licensing authority of your intention to operate beyond what your premises licence permits. Unless either the local police authority or environment health officer responsible for noise control has any objections, you can go ahead.

Conditions cannot be added to a TEN unless there is in existence a premises licence and following an objection to the TEN a licensing sub-committee has resolved to add these to the licence.

Perhaps most importantly, it is vital that you give sufficient time for your TENs – 10 clear working days for standard TENs and 5 clear working days for late TENs.

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Permanent Extensions

In order to apply permanent changes to your premises licence, you will be required to apply for a full variation of your licence. The minor variation route will not apply because you cannot use a minor variation as to extent your hours for the sale/supply of alcohol.

A means to avoid the potential of objections, you can apply to add (or vary) the non-standard timings on your premises licence. Non-standard timings is a way of varying your premises licence but to limit the effect of the extended hours to only apply to certain times of the year or occasions. Doing it this way, you can limit the impact of the application on any potential objectors.

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