Pubs licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises are allowed to make certain categories of gaming machines available for use by their customers.  If a pub does make gaming machines available, there are rules that must be adhered to.

The Gambling Commission’s Code of practice for gaming machines in clubs and premises with an alcohol licence makes it clear that the pub’s designated premises supervisor (DPS) will be responsible for compliance with the Code and the Gambling Act.

Here are the rules that the DPS must be sure they adhere to:

  1. All gaming machines must be located in a place within the premises so that they can be supervised either by staff whose duties include such or by other means.
  2. Pubs must have adopted policies and procedures in place to relating to the supervision of gaming machines.
  3. Gaming machines must not be located next to cash machines such that anyone using the gaming machine must cease using it in order to withdraw money.

The following are considered good practice and is recommended as good due diligence: 

  1. Age verification procedures
  2. Procedures to ensure that children are not able to gamble and also procedures to ensure that those who repeatedly do are excluded from doing so. This could include including oral warnings, reporting the offence to the Commission and the police, and making available information on problem gambling
  3. DPS should have complaints policies in place for handling customer complaints and disputes regarding the use of gaming machines on their premises

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