Ministers are considering a ‘blanket permission’ for restaurants and cafes to make use of public squares for stalls.

It has been reported that the Prime Minister is in favour of a blank permission for businesses that hold licences to have tables and chairs at the front of their premises are to be allowed to set up market-style stalls instead, as part of a bid to begin reviving high streets before pubs and eateries can begin opening their doors to customers.

Under plans by the Housing and Local Government Secretary, the Government will issue guidance allowing shops, restaurants and pubs to set up stalls in front of their premises in areas on which they already have a licence to place tables and chairs.

The Government plans include a “blanket permission” for restaurants and cafes to make use of public squares or pedestrianised streets above a certain width for stalls, or chairs and tables once customers are allowed to eat on their premises again and where the furniture would not block routes for disabled people.

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Stephen McCaffrey

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