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Welcome to Licensing Defence Barristers

We act for, advise & represent licence holders in all matters relating to premises licences:

> Revocations, suspensions & refusals
> Reviews & interim steps
> Appeals & representation at sub-committees

If you are a licensee who are facing difficulties with your premises licence, Licensing Defence Barristers are sector leading barristers who can help.

We act, advise and represent off-licences, pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants facing issues with their licences.

Licensing Defence Barristers

Licensing Defence Barristers

Our barristers are leading licensing barristers with years of experience in licensing law.

Free Case Assessment

We offer all our clients a free initial, no obligation case assesment.

Keeping You Informed

You will be in direct contact with your licensing barrister throughout your case.


We offer very competitive rates, fixed fee options and seek costs where we can.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer care – rated 5 stars by our clients.

Practical Defence

We take time to get to know our clients and understand the stress of losing your licence.

If you are facing issues with your premises licence, contact us.

Licensing Defence Barristers

Licensing Defence Barristers

Licensing Defence Barristers are a leading set of barristers specialising in all aspects of alcohol, entertainment and late-night refreshment licensing law.

We act for, advise and represent a wide range of clients who are facing difficulties with their premises licences including off-licences, pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants and members clubs.

We have years of experience in providing professional and expert legal advice to licence holders appealing a decision to revoke their premises licence or who are facing other premises licence issues.

We pride ourselves with excellent customer care and service, always taking the time to get to know our clients and their individual cases and circumstances.  When you instruct a Licensing Defence Barrister, we will keep you informed on the progress of your premises licence appeal or case.

Stephen McCaffrey – Licensing & Regulatory Barrister

Stephen has worked in licensing in one form or another for over twenty years having managed pubs, clubs and hotels himself. This experience is unparalleled among barristers and gives his clients a huge advantage when dealing with Local Authorities and Regulators.

What we do

Premises Licence Revocations

Premises Licence Reviews

Premises Licence Refusals

Appeals in any court

Premises Licence Suspension

Licensing Committees

When do you need an entertainment licence?

If you want to offer regulated entertainment at your venue, you would normally need a licence. A change in law has relaxed the rules on entertainment and it is possible for you to offer entertainment without the need for a licence.

Licensed trade warned of increased gaming machines test purchase operations

The Gambling Commission has warned the licensed trade to expect increased test purchase operations around gaming machines in licensed premises.

Agent of Change Principle protect your premises licence from future residential developments

A recent change in UK planning law and guidance has made it possible for premises licence holders to object to future residential developments near their venues.

Expedited reviews

Expedited reviews allow the police to quickly address issues of crime & disorder at any licensed business. Interim steps imposed can result in immediate premises closures.

Is it lawful to limited the duration of a premises licence?

Premises licences are issued in perpetuity and provided the annual fee is paid on time every year, there is no need to reapply for the same premises licence. However, is it open to licensing sub-committees to grant licences for a period shorter than what was initially applied for? In a recent case, a court ruled it is not.

Public Access Barristers

Licensing Defence Barristers are public access barristers and you can instruct us directly without the need to incur additional costs by going through a solicitor.