The Licensing Act 2003, provides a procedure that enables a responsible authority to review a premises licence at any time on the application. This procedure within the act is extremely useful for authorities and others who wish to deal with matters that arise in relation to any licensing objectives. It is an extremely necessary provision, otherwise there would be no means in which to deal with problems that may arise during the currency of a licence.

A review of a premises licence will take place if the police are forced to close premises for a period of 24 hours, this will generally happen due to noise or nuisance concerns.

The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 created an additional power of summary review. The clear purpose of this is to enable the police to expedite a faster review process of a premises licence. This allows the police to review the licences of premises that authorise the sale of alcohol and where a premise is suspected to be associated with serious crime and disorder.

The licensing authority has the power to take steps which include such things as imposing additional conditions on the licence pending the determination at the review.

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