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Licensing Act 2003

Licensing Act 2003

The Licensing Act 2003 is an Act passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Licensing Act 2003 creates a single incorporated system for licensing premises throughout England and Wales. These premises are used for “the sale or supply of alcohol, to provide controlled entertainment, or to provide late night refreshments”.

Licensing Sub-Committee

The Licensing Sub-Committee Process

The purpose of this piece is to briefly inform our clients on the Licensing Sub-Committee Process. The Licensing Act establishes the creation of Licensing Sub-Committees: Section 6(1) of the Licensing Act 2003 states a licensing authority must establish a licensing committee consisting of at least 10 – 15 members. and Section 9(1) of the Act states a licensing committee may establish one of more sub-committees consisting of 3 members of the committee.

Premises Licence Review

Review of a premises licence

Section 51(1) of the Licensing Act 2003 allows an application for the premises licence review to be made at any time whilst it is in effect. Guidance states: “At any stage, following the grant of a premises licence or club premises certificate, a responsible authority, or any other person, may ask the licensing authority to review the licence or certificate because of a matter arising at the premises in connection with any of the four licensing objectives.”

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Our professional, results-focussed team of licensing barristers cover the full spectrum of licensing law including Personal licenses, Premises licences, construction of operating schedules, application for designates premises supervisors (DPS), dealing with representations from all relevant parties, advising on conditions, variation of premises licence, reviews of premises licence and transfer of premises licence, closure orders, club premises certificates, temporary event notices and all aspect of investigation and interview relating to potential prosecutions.

Our licensing barristers regularly advise and represent clients from pre-application stage, right through sub-committee and and if necessary, on appeal to any court.

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