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Are you an off licence, pub, club, restaurant or hotel facing issues with your licence?
Have you had a complaint made against you or your premises? Or are you facing a review of you licence? Licensing Defence Barristers can help

Licensing Defence Barristers


Licensing Defence Barristers

We are expert licensing barristers who can assist you with all aspects of your problem.

The Best Team Behind You

We are specialist licensing barristers who understand your case.

Keeping You Informed

You will be in direct contact with your licensing barrister throughout your case.

Cost Effective

Fixed fees offered whenever possible.

No Limits

Our barristers can advise on all aspects and appear in every tribunal and court.

Practical Defence

We offer practical and pragmatic solutions to try and avoid a court battle for you.

Are you a pub, club, restaurant or hotel facing issues with your licence?

Licensing Defence Barristers

Have you had a complaint made against your premises or indeed yourself?

Is your premises licence or personal licence under scrutiny? Or are you making an application for the first time? Licensing Defence Barristers can help.

Since the implementation of the Licensing Act 2003 local authorities and public bodies have more power and control than ever. Local residents in objection to your business or plans have a voice that can make your life very difficult. Failing to deal with all of this properly and appropriately can be devastating and may mean the loss of your livelihood, reputation and hard fought for business.

With the correct approach from genuine specialists in the area you can overcome these difficulties. Barristers at Licensing Defence Barristers are experts in the field with practical experience in all aspects of the trade. We advise just as much as we represent and if a case can be resolved without going to Court then we take the opportunity without fail.

Get sensible and affordable advice from the beginning. It is never too early – and chances are you will save yourself a great deal of money, stress and time.

Licensing Defence Barristers

Is your business or premises at risk? Is your own licence under threat?

Get an expert licensing barrister you can trust to fight your corner.

Most think of a barrister simply as someone to argue for you in court. We actually spent more time advising clients and negotiating desirable outcomes for our clients. Proper representation and advice at the early stages of a problem – or even before a licensing problem arises – can prevent many of the outcomes our clients being to us to appeal.

With Licensing Defence Barristers you will receive direct, genuine and clear advice about your situation. We will advise on sensible strategies to avoid problems, get out of them if it is too late and avoid them returning again.

Licensing Defence Barristers

Licensing barristers

Our licensing barristers understand that in many cases the problems which arises are not necessarily the fault of the premises or licence holder being blamed. They also understand that many situations have politics involved. However local authorities and residents have a voice and power now never seen before in history. Dealing with this requires expert knowledge and proper strategic thinking.

Our licensing barristers have both. Furthermore nearly all our barristers have direct experience of the trade in one respect of another. They are able to advice on a practical basis well beyond legal training alone.

Give us a call for a FREE initial discussion about your difficulty and let us see if we can help.